Happy Snow Day!

5:41 PM

Well, I am FINALLY able to update this blog with our decorations! We put them up right after Thanksgiving, but it has been total Cra-Cra for that last week! This is our first Christmas in our new home and I am LOVING the decorating aspect! Our tree fits PERFECTLY! It barely fit in our old apartment (it was too tall to really get the star on:)
Our mantle is BEAUTIFUL and it has a new stocking for my little buddy Bruno! 

Some of my favorite decorations ... my angels. I should have lit the candles, but I obviously didn't think about that PRIOR to taking the picture ... oh well.

And even my kitchen is slightly decked out! Can you tell that I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles?

And finally - a small update in our guest bathroom. Thanks mom for helping me spend the money ;) It looks GREAT!

Aren't snow days GREAT?!
Praise the LORD!

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