Guided Reading

8:18 AM

Since break has begun, I haven't been able to turn off my school-brain. It's slightly annoying due to the fact that I haven't FULLY relaxed for break. However, I did find that I needed to update some of my guided reading stuff. Mostly the forms, word wok mats, schedule, and strategy posters (both decoding and comprehension.) I'm always inspired by fellow teachers. I HIGHLY recommend checking out all things Deanna Jump. I just LOVE her stuff. she makes me want to teach kindergarten. However, since I don't, I decided to create a bundle for guided reading. Basically, it's what I will use on a daily basis with my groups. All it's really missing is a writing piece. However, each part is explained in my Guided Reading Bundle. This is the cover. 

Thanks to Melonheadz for the awesomely cute clip art! 

Now I'm off to run some of this school steam off. Sheesh.... Merry (late) Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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