2 Hours Early!

5:00 AM

Well, you guessed it ...  we got out of school 2 hours early yesterday!!! Wooo hooo! So, I decided to update this little ol' blog that I have been neglecting. So, here is a random mash-up of our  classroom stuff! Enjoy!

This is the end result of my plant creation station. Pretty cute, if I do say so myself. The best part? it was a WORKSTATION!

Here is the AWESOME compass rose. This kid was trying to do "warm" colors vs. "cool" colors. She is so creative.

 This is the newest game in our room - "Red Queen" -- THEY LOVE the Alice in Wonderland theme! They are getting better with their sight words too!
But to be honest, this is the MOST FAVORITE game. It is on my TpT - No dice required. They get a piece/character. Then they take turns drawing cards. If the player reads the card correctly, they move the amount of spaces indicated on the card! The fun happens on the board. Almost every space makes them do something (move forward, move backwards, etc.)

These are our mailboxes. The kids really enjoy sending letters to each other! They are constantly writing letters for our "Work on Writing" station.

These are my "I Can" lists. They are above the workstations. These have become a MUST in the room. It has stopped the questions and interruptions during my guided reading ... woot woot!

I got this link from a friend and printed these. I found them on TpT for FREE! If I can find the link, I'll post it. These have been great! Don't you just love the pictures? Melonheadz is AWESOME!

This is a more recent writing help anchor chart. It's amazing how the kids are adding more details. I just threw it together. Judge me.

Math stations - under construction - again. However, I really love the groupings. They are different shapes. The kids are actually beginning to use the terminology! Awesome!

 These are the boxes that the kids rotate through during the week!

Drum roll PLEASE! This is/was my door since October. Well ... There is another team member who encouraged me to update it .... sooooo, scroll on down!
 Ho ho ho! We have Santa-fied!
And I just couldn't help it ... but here's what occupies my time at home :)

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