Place Value and Skervy (sp?)

4:49 PM

Let me just say, this weekend has been Eh. I'm sick ... again. Apparently, my body sees Saturdays and Sundays as the time to enjoy germs and get sick .... *achoo* And quite honestly, I'm tired of it. "Get a sub!" you say for tomorrow ... I would, but I really don't want to have to run to school early tomorrow morning with mediocre plans for a sub that I don't know. All I know is that I'd rather go into school with the plague rather than make plans and hope a sub covers them. So, I will be going to bed after this post (yes, it isn't even 7:00pm). 
Well, to help me out a little tomorrow, I created a few review practice games for my little ones who are still struggling with place value ( I'll be honest, only about 4 of my 22 still don't get ones, tens, and hundreds.) I also created more difficult games that go into the thousands place. My kids are pretty much ready. Well, in doing that I thought I'd share it with y'all. Also, does anyone have any home remedies that could help with everything from the neck up? I'd LOVE some suggestions. I'm at a lost after trying alavert, benedryl, ibuprofin, advil cold/sinus, and dayquil. I could REALLY use some relief. Just drop a line if you've got anything. Thanks in advance. Now ... onto the PIRATE PLACE VALUE!

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  1. I sleep with a humidifier every single night. I bought a Vicks one that you put Vicks vapor into and it infuses with the water. I swear by it because it helps open up all your sinuses! I have horrible terrible allergies and when I use my humidifier, it all goes away. And, like I told someone the other day, even if it doesn't take it all away, it won't make it worse and it will lessen the symptoms and make it easier to breathe :) Hope you feel better!