MIA - Again ...

10:28 AM

So, it's been TOO long since I blogged. I can't believe it! All I know, is LIFE is amazing ... stressful, but amazing! Go has been blessing me with great days that are full of craziness. It's been fun. However, once again, the weekend comes and I'm sick ... Bummer. I'm kind of hating this trend. Well... In my crazy time, I've been slowly working on different TpT projects! Wanna see? Alright ... since you insisted (and I want to finish this post and go to bed.) Here you go!

For all of those needing to work on blends in reading, check out this unit! It's HUGE!

Need a little help with continents? Well, this is a great independent activity for the kids. It'll work with them on putting the map in order, labeling, and following directions!

And then, there were verbs. I actually created all of these for my team at school. I think it came out ok:) I'm thrilled to help you all with this, and let's be real ... you could use it too! Oh, and did I mention there are 6 exit tickets (quick quizzes) and 3 common core aligned assessments? I know ... I went a little crazy!

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