Trash Bags, "Thievery," and Inferring

12:26 PM

Well, it's FINALLY fall break. I almost didn't make it. I had a lot going on! My mother in law has finally gone home! Thank you for praying. But, in going home, there are new challenges which I got to experience first hand. Basically, she had a tracheotomy and now breathes through a tube in her neck. Did you know, you have to clean those things by hand? Eewwww.
Well, so with that and school coming to an end, getting a sub for the days I was out, planning my vaca with my hubby and trying to find someone I trusted to watch my dog, I was overloaded. I also had 5 meetings the day before I would be out. When it rains, it pours.
So, here is a little something that I stole from a much smarter teacher. I don't know the original author of the idea, but I'm pretty sure EVERYone has used it. 
We began talking about context clues. The kiddos didn't seem to be able to apply what they thought they understood. So, I put together a "trash bag" that I told them I had taken from my new neighbors (don't worry, I came clean at the end of the lesson that I didn't really take the trash.) We pulled out each item and they would tell me and their partner what that item could mean (the clue). They started with what they already knew about the item (schema) and then what it could mean for the "new neighbors." It was a really fun lesson!
Here's the anchor chart.

Then we jumped into how authors do the same thing. They write stories and information in a way that lets you put the pieces/clues together. We talked about evidence in all of our reading. We read a magazine about habitats. I asked questions and the kiddos would share with their partner using the sentence stems. It was soooo cool hearing their discussion!

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