I'm going BATTY!!!

6:42 PM

No, it's true. I am truly loving school ... but, I'm exhausted. Saturday was filled with a Fall Fest. It was so much fun, but we didn't make as much money we were hoping to. I wasn't in charge by any means, but I was so tired! Oh, my goodness! The leader was A-MAZ-ING! 
Well, we were all too tired to see straight. 
Well, then we come to school and have the actual teaching thing, then after-school planning, I spend the evening with my mom going through stuff that needed to be sent to my real-home (yea, I haven't lived at home in like 6 years and I've been married 3 1/2 .. ha), taught today, faculty meeting tonight, and ... well .... just pure exhaustion. Anyways ... I know ... whining. Did I mention that I'm in charge of creating creation stations? Oh, and I do it in LESS than a 30hour period from figuring it out? Yea ... it's a niche. 
So, anyways. My rambling is pointless. However, I have finished my Stellaluna inspired bat station! It covers a little bit on fiction and non-fiction and then it also has parts of a bat! And llook, it's right in time for Halloween ... WHEW!

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