Disney World and the Real World Questions

6:00 AM

Well, we're back from Disney. It was a MUCH needed break from the real world. I just love how easy everything is. I don't have to drive anywhere, buy anything, watch anyone, or anything like that. It is great! However, this is my 6th trip there in just over 3 years. If I thought back to my first trip, I would have a totally different feeling. I had NO clue what I was doing for the first trip. But after learning the tricks/tips, I'm golden in that world.

In class over the last few months we have been doing word problems ... but not only just the simple answers, but with drawing, writing, explaining, creating, and just dissecting each question. Well, if you remember 2nd grade, you probably don't remember all of the rigor that we now have. I love math, though! It is like a puzzle that needs to be figured out and conquered. My kids were used to the simple questions. So, I upped-the-anty.  I decided to do some comparing problems. Whew, those are tricky for the little ones. Thanks to my team (yes, I have a team of 8 2nd grade classes) we had some GREAT questions. 
However, I didn't have a visual for my little kiddos to use, soooo I created this one! It was interactive (always a plus:). The kids would do a hand motion for each word. This was GREAT for me, because I had SEVERAL kids who had NO IDEA what "join" or "together" meant! I know ... no wonder they didn't know what function to use! So we worked whole group and then in groups to create motions for each word. Then we had to decide what the question would be asking. I then created cards that they had to play Quiz, Quiz, Trade (Kagan) with. It worked out great!
Here's the anchor chart. I HIGHLY recommend having this in your room! It is a great reference guide for the future, too.

So, here comes the real world part. We worked out this problem altogether. The kids LOVED it. We did several different methods and chose to write this one together. It was great!
See? Just like Disney... when you learn the tricks/tips of math, you can do anything!

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