Wow ... I've changed ... and a F*R*E*E*B*I*E!!!!

3:04 PM

This morning I was feeling nostalgic. I realizes I've been blogging for almost 3 years! The funny thing is that I really don't feel like it's been that long. 
Well, I decided to look back at my first few posts ... and ... wow. I was a MORON! I laugh a little at my attempts at sharing my "knowledge" and just grimace. 
I'm not saying that I know everything (ha .. yea, right!), but I am saying that I can tell I've grown as a blogger, educator, and person. My God has been so patient with me over these last 3 years!

Also, I have been thinking about the TEAM (Teacher's Evaluation Thingies.) because I have my first on Monday. To be honest, I am SO not worried about. I mean, I'm not feeling arrogant, but rather ... I just don't care. Now, before that shames my desire to be an excellent teacher, let me just preface that my kids' STAR scores (what I based 15% of my evaluation scores on:) were averaging a year growth! So, I do take my job seriously. However, to think that you can come in and watch the impact I make in a kid's education in one 30-45minute lesson every few months... well, I think that is ignorant. Hence, why I don't care. This is one lesson of many. It is once chance of several. How will it go? Well, if it goes as planned (because we all know that NOTHING ever changes after we make our plans *sarcasm*) it will be just like all of the others! I feel confident in teaching math. I'm blessed that will be what is observed. So, who knows. I'll let you know after next week if I'm still allowed to teach :)

Well, in honor of feeling no stress, I created new Daily 5/Workstation rotation cards! Click the link below to grab your freebie! Happy weekend!  

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