Wow ... who ran over me with a truck?

4:15 PM

Yes, I feel as though I've been hit by a bus, truck, or whatever large vehicle you can think of. 
Well, I'm FINALLY posting the pics I took the day before kids came to the room. Wow! I'm running late. Sorry.

So, I went to the nth degree with pennants! I mean, they are EVERYWHERE! I really like them on the lockers! The book shelf is to show ALL of the new resources for my reading curriculum! OH-MY-GOODNESS. It's awesome ... but it's too overwhelming!

This was my line up for parents at Open House. I had an awesome powerpoint thanks to Lady Bug Teacher Files. I loved it. It was also a great addition to my efiles.

This is a set that my WHOLE team is using this year! You can get it via A Cupcake for the Teacher!!!

And if you are wondering what that tiny thing by the wall is, it's my desk. Yep. THAT'S IT! I'm trying my dead-level best to keep my junk to that space. I also moved the desk to the wall so it isn't the first thing you see when you enter the room. I kind of adore it. Wish me luck to keep it looking that neat! 

The touch dot math signs to the left are AWESOME. Get them here. We've started using it and the kids love-love-love it. I just love it when cuteness and necessity coincide! 
This picture to the right is my attempt at morning message. Yes, I'm still learning. Any suggestions? Shoot me a comment. I need help!

This is the little love of my life ... Bruno. He is HUGE compared to how small he was when we got him! He was only 1.8lb in May. He is now 4.8 Whew!!!!!!

He is soooo adorable. It kind of makes me smile to see this picture!
Happy Monday .... Tuesday, here we come!!!

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