Schedule Cards, for a Friend

6:43 PM

Do you ever have those days where you just feel "on top of the world"? Well, this was me last week. I've apparently found my forte on my team. I create! Who knew? I kind of love doing it. It's a DE-stresser for me! So, anyways. The first week of school (well, M-W, F we had no kids ... but I still call it a first:) we worked with our teams and our schools. Well, this is where I find that I have stuff to offer! Woo hoo! Then I was asked by a fellow teammate (Thanks, Melissa) to create new schedule cards with a pastel-ish chevron print with analogue clocks! So, I did!
What do you think? You can get it for VERY cheap at my TpT!
Enjoy - Props to Melissa for the idea!

                       Chevron Daily Schedule Cards

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  1. I love these! Are they editable by any chance? I'd love to be able to buy the template and change the classes to meet my needs. Very cute :)