Productive Weekend!

8:31 PM

Wow! So, I left school last night at 7:00pm. Whew. I'm nuts! 
So, I expected to be exhausted today. Nope. I cleaned the WHOLE house, did several loads of laundry, cleaned out my oven, organized my kitchen, made dinner, couponed, and gave my dog a bath. Then .... I made a new unit!
At school, we are working on becoming fluent with our math. Our standard of choice is 2.OA.B.2 - Basically be fluent in math facts that add up to 20. 
Well, I needed some new stuff, so I started creating! 30 pages later, I realized I might not be alone in my need of more strategies ... Sooooo, here is the new unit!

This is Emilee Ray, signing off!

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