Patricia Polacco and fun times at school

5:35 PM

For those who are wondering and praying, my mother-in-law is not getting better. Since my last post, she has had a tracheotomy, told her kidneys were failing, and is restrained because she keeps trying to remove different tubes and such. Good news, her catheter was being blocked - whew! No kidney failure. God is good.
She is starting to communicate via pointing to several letters on a pad of paper to create words. She kept getting frustrated, as we all would be. Just keep praying. The doctor told us "She is a very sick woman." I know that can't be good.
Alright-- now onto school!  
So, my day began with a fire drill, lock down drill, and a new student..... all before 9:00am! I know .... cra-cra. 
Well, my day was filled with moving clips, crying kids, and juggling the life of teaching. I also have late car riders where a special little one was having a rough time and tried to climb over, around, under, and through me to get out to the hallway. He isn't allowed to. Then there was another little peach who was making squeaking noises .... yes, squeaking. So, after the hour/day/week I'd had, I told her to stop. she said, "no." OH NO SHE DIDN'T. So I did the finger thing. You know, where you point and them and then wiggle it to get them to come to you. She then said, "No." "Peaches, that wasn't a request, that was a command." I say back. TEARS. deep sobbing! This kid was frea-king-out. Then her name was called and she zipped out the door. I found her teacher later who is a good friend. She said that the little peach would be escorted to my room on Monday. Oh boy. That poor kid won't know what hit her (figuratively of course.)

Now onto the new Author and Book Study at my TpT!
I love this author and realized that most people do. Talk about great writing! I hope that you enjoy it!

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