Journeys and Author Study

4:02 PM

I am really excited about our new reading materials in my district -- Journeys. However, the more I read the stories given, the less impressed I am. I do love like 80% of the series though! Anyways, shout out to my team (especially the ones who worked on reading.) Thanks for helping with the HOURS of work we put into making the plans. Y'all are great. This is going to be a new year! It's going to be great! 

Alright, now onto the new stuff in my store. I was asked to pull out a few of my author studies into individual units. So ... I did. I'm a people pleaser:)
Here are my most recent store additions. I try to keep everything pretty cheap, because we are all on teacher salaries!

          Cynthia Rylant Author and Book Study

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