8:47 PM

Thank you to everyone who has bought something from my store! I'm THRILLED! I've only been selling for about a month, and I've started making money! Cna i just say, GOD IS GOOD! Not only am I able to make a little cash for my family, but I'm doing it in a way to help teachers. You'll probably notice that all of my products are under $5.00. I had a mentality a couple of years ago that my stuff wasn't very good. I know ... totally ridiculous I guess, but still. So, I just created things for my teams at school. I rarely told them I created the resources because I didn't want to brag ... or worse, be ridiculed. My team would NEVER have done that btw, but this is just one of my insecurities. So, anyways ... my husband, being my encourager, said I could try selling things for a year. I'm just so blessed to be married to him. ***Side note: While I was at a meeting tonight, he cleaned the WHOLE kitchen for me. Yes, I'm bragging about him!*** 
Well, since I feel sooooo blessed to have sold 6 items today .... I will add to the store AND post (let's be real, we all want these) a FREEBIE!!!

Thanks to everyone who has read my meandering thoughts. I'm on cloud nine!

Here's your FREEBIE!!!

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