Collective Nouns at TpT

11:37 AM

Can I just say - Common Core has really messed with my organization ... in a GOOD way! All my files are now labeled according to all the Common Core. I'm working on going through all of my papers and labeling them too! I know .... I'm a little OCD. However, lucky for you, I realized that I had VERY LITTLE in the way of Collective Nouns (L2.1.a)!!! And, well, that's just NOT okay! So I've spent the last few days working on a unit to sell on TpT. I was planning on only making a few assessments and an activity or two. You know, make the unit about 10 pages or something. Well, apparently, my educational juices have started flowing! The unit is 25 pages long with SEVERAL activities, 3 assessments, homework/classwork pages, workstation games, etc! I know ... I figure, "go big, or go home." 
So here it is! 

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