Author and Book Studies and Welcome Back to School!!!

4:58 PM

Well, I'm officially BACK to School! With a 3 hour inservice in the morning, I figured the day would be a bust. However, it was a REALLY good presentation about PLCs. It was very informative and it clarified several questions I had! 
Well, I got to go to lunch with my team! It was a blast to get to know the newbies on the team. They seemed a little shell-shocked, but overall, looked good! It will be a GREAT first day with students, come Thursday! 
Life is Great!

Well, like I was saying yesterday (was it yesterday? My days are smearing together), I decided to break apart the large author study unit I had created to make it more financially available. Also, if you don't need EVERY author in the unit, you can get the ones you want! 
Woo Hoo!!!

Here you go!

             Kevin Henkes Unit                                                          Peggy Parish Unit

               Marc Brown Unit                                                              Leo Lionni Unit

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