Management and a FREEBIE!!!

10:00 PM

I love summer. I went to Holiday World yesterday. SOOOO MUCH FUN! I love summer. However, today I'm sore. Good for you though! I have posted MORE on my TpT for you to buy, AND (let's be real, this is what we all want) a Freebie!!!!

Well, what I'm posting is something that has driven me CRA-CRA. You make cute workstation cards and then one little monster turkey cutie pie gets bored and rrrriiiiipppp! Well, I made these new rotation cards, signs, and headers for my MATH workstations. I'm going to place the pages with headers into page protectors and write on the page protectors what is in each workstation. Just an easier way to keep up with the rotations. Also, if one gets rrrriiiiiippppped, then just PRINT another one!
So, here's the GREAT news!!!! it is ONLY $0.75.

And, here's your FREEBIE!

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