Ewww Gross ....

6:30 AM

Yes .... This is what I walked in on yesterday morning.

I HATE HATE HATE killing things, but this mouse has made SEVERAL nests in my room, been removed 2 times, pooped EVERYWHERE (that includes INSIDE lockers, drawers, and cabinets), and came out to greet my kids during a test yesterday. I couldn't handle it anymore. He hung out ON my chair, desk, and computer. There were SEVERAL mornings that he would greet me by sitting on his hind legs on my keyboard. NOT-A-FAN. Well, so I got our fearless "Officer Watts" to put a trap in my room. He went and checked it before I arrived. NO Mouse. Then, when I arrived ... I saw it ... Dead. WOO HOO! No more poop. No more germs ... well, rodent germs. I just hope that little mousey is happy in heaven with all of the cheese that he can eat.
So, today when the kids are running you ragged, your paperwork is due, and lunch isn't long enough ... just think of this and know that your day could be worse:)

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