Dr. Seuss - Writing an Opinion

4:31 PM

We worked REALLY hard on our opinion/research piece about Theodore Giesel (sp?) Seuss. My kiddos were soooo excited when they came back from spring break and saw the murals that had been done while they were do! Aren't they cute? 

So, this inspired a research paper on one of our favorite authors! We watched a video from www.brainpopjr.com about Dr. Seuss. The kids watched it once all the way through. Then, I gave them paper. They were required to write 5 cool facts from what they watched! We REwatched the video, pausing whenever a child wanted to take a quick note! It was great to see how they worked! After brainstorming, note-taking, drafting, revising, editing, and presenting... this is what my hallway wall looks like!
I'm sooooo proud. Here is the LAST publishing for my 2nd graders for 2012-2013. Bless us all! We've made it! Below you will see ALL of the papers up close! Soooo .... if that doesn't sound interesting, feel free to skip on ahead to your next blog:)

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