End of the Year Competition to Help Me Meet My Goal!

5:49 PM


Accelerated Reader is my friend. The overall test (STAR) is what I chose for my evaluation this year! I have complete control over the growth of students when they CHOOSE to grow. So, we as a class haven't been growing since Spring Break and THAT is NOT okay with this teacher. So, I started this competition. I put my highest readers in a group, my medium kids in a group, and my lowest kids in a group. I wasn't really sure HOW this would work. I assumed (and you know what happens when you assume:)) that my high readers would BLOW THE OTHERS OUT OF THE WATER! However, I then realized, they are each reading on THEIR level, so it "evens the playing field." 
Well, since Thursday, April 17, 2013 we as a class have read over 100 books! WHO KNEW?! 

Oh, and those LOW readers .... They are team 3!!!

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