Writer's Rubric

5:41 PM

My kids amaze me! Here I had given each of them a rubric (from my friend Candie) for writing an opinion piece and one for writing a narrative. It was a blessing to have it! Well, the other day, while we were doing our writer's workshop time, I saw a kid editing. Yes, I'm proud that they know how to edit a little bit. However, I was frustrated that they STILL missed some things because they weren't trying their best. That's when I hear kiddo #1 whispering to himself, "Yes! 10 more points!" I looked over his shoulder to see what was going on before I reminded him to be quite so that others don't get distracted. And that's when I saw his AMAZINGNESS! He was keeping SCORE of his writing! Yep ... he was scoring his writing. He was up to 76 points when I saw him!!! Talk about "out of the mouth of children ..." 
So, here's what we did (yes, in late February)... We created a SCORE BOARD (ahem ... rubric)!
Here is what it looks at. I have been giving a new goal everyday! They are to score at least a certain amount of points per writing! If they meet it, there is a reward! Then I "up the anty" every week by 10 points! We are now up to getting 50 points on each of our writings! It seems to be working. Here is what the score board looks like! Enjoy!

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