Testing Season

5:34 PM

One word -- Testing.
That's it. Nothing else. There are no other words to explain my absence from this blog. I would apologize, but I've decided this year that I will live to my limits. There is no such thing as doing something 110%. I don't have an extra appendage, so I can live to my 100% and no more. SOOOO, I am not going to apologize for me being unable to get on more regularly. 
Alright, onto my fun creation of the week. We have been learning HOW to take a test. Here is the anchor chart we have now hung in my room .... well, honestly, it is the 2ND one. Same info, just a little bit nicer. The one we made in class was ... well .... destroyed by a new student.... **ahem** (this is the essence of my year .... but I digress.) 
I created it with my kids, it got destroyed, so I created this little beauty and put it into our awesome poster maker. Enjoy. The original concept was not my own, but a collection of things learned over the years:)

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