Writing a Biography

6:11 PM

How to Write a Biography!
This is what we have been focusing on for the last week! And, can I say? LOVED IT!

So, I intro-ed writing a biography with a brainpopjr.com video. Then we discussed how we need to takes steps in everything we do! So, why not make steps to write about a biography? So this is my "eh" anchor chart. Then we took notes about the life of Abraham Lincoln. They NEVER saw the text, but rather had to write down "cool" facts on their own about what they heard! 
They did great! Then we drafted. Each kid was assigned a partner and they edited each other papers! Then we rewrote. I then went through each one in a conference! It was great! Then they published! Here are the final publications on Abraham Lincoln and our opinions!

Lowest Writer   
Highest Writer!

These are just a few others! Enjoy!



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