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Centers, Workstations, Small Groups, whatever you call it ....

All I really know is that workstations can either fly, or flop. I have had my fair share of each. However, the same ones seem to work day after day with no complaint from me or my kiddos. These are the ones I work with generally ... Enjoy!
This is my listening center. VERY simple: 3 headphones (I only have groups of 2 or 3 in most workstations), at least 3 copies of the same book, tape/CD of given book, little boombox (that shows my age:)) This is actually one of the favorites. I generally have a theme going on in the station - Right now it is all about SPACE!

Fiction Reading - The kids can pick ANY fictional book that is on their AR reading level, then they read and answer questions about their book (characters, setting, plot, problem, solution, characters point of view, their opinion on their book, etc.) This is a great one because it works on comprehension, reading, and writing! LOVE IT!
Our School has adopted a new Common Core based computer program called Study Island. I'm not a HUGE fan, but the kids seem to enjoy it. Basically, they each have an account that I set up based on what they need specifically in my class. I get this data from the DEA, DIBELS, SAT 10, and STAR testing. I usually check out iPads and laptops.

This is the back-up to the main library at school. Have I told you how AMAZING that library is? Well, it is awesome! Mine is much to be desired, but really ... this was just not the year for a great in class library.

Vocabulary. We use Steck-Vaughn and they have great picture cards and word cards that the kids use in speed guessing, matching, and racing. Their favorite is taking turns and being the "Teacher." It melts me heart a little. Oh and they know over 120 new words like treacherous, versatile, humane, and diplomat!

However, some kids love to just read... AND I am not going to stop it!

This is the Games Workstations. Basically, I have different language/grammar skills that are covered in several games! LOVE IT! 

This is AR. The kids read a book on their level and take a comprehension test via Accelerated Reader.

Word Work. They are playing scrabble! Obviously they are spelling HUGE words, but their words from the DSA are always an option. They can also create word searches using the weekly words! Then they trade and search for the words.

I hope you enjoy!

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  1. these activities look awesome!!! Lucky kids!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

    1. Thanks Kelli! FYI I have LOVED your journals from TpT. They were actually some of the first things I thought were worth buying!!! Thanks for the time and energy!