6:23 PM

Well, I'm that blogger who finally took a week (or more) off because, well, I'm exhausted! In the last few weeks my husband and I have been on a retreat, bought a house, painted the WHOLE house, had electrical work done, and basically have killed ourselves in between working and going to church. Our social life has been NULL in Void!
So, here I am to make my apologies!

Alrighty, now onto my fun teachery thing of the day! At my school we have a specials rotation that repeats every 7 days. This being said, it makes life a little more difficult by not being on a 5 day rotation. Soooo at the end of last year, I promised myself that I would come up with an EASY, CUTE, and REALISTIC rotation chart.

This year I decorated my room with HOMEMADE flags. I basically got scrapbook happy. I cut up all of my old paper into triangles and hung them on ribbon. LOVE it. I will be repeating next year. BUT, I digress.

I had extra triangles. I merely wrote all of our specials on the flags and hung them up. I have a magnetic clip that moves daily to the next day's specials. I know ..... easy, right? It's kinda cute too! Enjoy!

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