Prefixes and Suffixes and the Root/Base Words

7:00 AM

I learn so much every year. However, one thing that I relearn every year is that I DO NOT LIKE Affixes. I'm still just trying to get my kids to know the meaning of small base words! So, anyways, I've created a Prefix set! You can see it up on TpT. Also, I will email you the set for free if you follow me and leave a comment!

Here is the anchor chart I created over the last few days. Prefixes are on the left side and suffixes are on the right side. The class and I brainstormed words with certain prefixes and suffixes and put them into apples!

I told the kids that the root word is the part of the word that you cannot do without! It HOLDS the whole word together, just like roots hold trees in their spot!

It seemed to make sense. I need to say that my kids did an EXCELLENT job brainstorming! They really enjoyed it!

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  1. Love this idea! It will make such a great visual for my 2nd graders.

    Think you can email me the prefix set at


    1. Thanks so much for your interest! I'm not on TpT yet. I'm testing some of my stuff out on here to see what other teachers would like to get/buy! Feel free to leave requests!

  2. Also, how do I find you on TPT?


  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! We're working on root/base words, prefixes, and suffixes now. I'm thrilled to find your TREE! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love your tree, thanks for sharing!