More Moons

7:00 AM

"Blue Moon!!!!"

So, this week we decided to finish our Moon Unit! Praise be to all things education! We have had a blast learning that rap I recently that I posted about last week. Then, life ended ... well, kind of. These poor kids took on a HUGE project. Let me tell you ... it was CRA-CRA! 22 little ones, 8 phases, 30 minutes, 8 labels, one teacher ... whew! Here are the end results. Some of them are AMAZING ... others, well, bless their little hearts. Enjoy!

Here are the materials for EACH student:
  • 2 LARGE pieces of black construction paper
  • 4 gray circles (1=full; 2=crescent/gibbous; 1=halves [quarter])
  • 1 black circle (New Moon)
  • 1 glue stick

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