Moon Phases

7:00 AM

Can you tell me one of the hardest things for a 2nd grader to memorize? DING DING DING. Phases of the moon. 

This is something I whipped together. The kids write the date in each box and then color in the phase for that evening. It's a good family project, too! Feel free to cut/paste it and use it! I mean, really. We need to help each other out!
Also, my principal pointed me to a youtube video on the phases of the moon. I wanted to check test it out on my kiddos before I recommended it! 
Well, this is my recommendation. We have only watched on 3 days this week ... and most of my kids can tell me the difference before waxing and waning, full, new, gibbous, crescent, and quarter moon phases! It's kind of a silly "rap," but it sticks.

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