Goals, Goals, Goals

7:00 AM

Goals, Goals, Goals.

That's what my classroom is all about! So far, in the last 3 months, my class of 2nd graders have gained and average of +.6 on AR,

 have collected almost 100 blue ribbons on StudyIsland.com, AND read over 100 books! I'm very proud of my 22 little ones! They are working hard. Also, I have 20 out of 22 students who know ALL of their sight words! My goals are as follows:

  • My class will average at least one grade level higher at the end of the year,
  • Every kid will know all of their sight words,
  • My class will average at least a full point gain on Accelerated Reader
  • My kids will become fluent adders/subtractors.  
  • I will make every kids feel their potential is more than they ever dreamed possible!
  • I will make school a good experience.
Okay, so, now I've said it. Here is my way of keeping up with my kids goals. I meet with EVERY KID, EVERY DAY to work on their goal or to "check in" with them. It's really cool when they meet a goal. I walk them to another teacher's room and tell their whole class. Sometimes the teacher gives them tickets or a high-five. My kids LIVE for high-fives. It really is the little stuff that makes a big difference.

Here is how I juggle manage life during goals and small groups. I have 4 rotations. Here is my "do-all-end-all" notebook of amazingness!!!
I keep EVERY kids' personal passwords, goals, growth, conferencing, reading notes, sight word lists, and anecdotal notes inside this little baby! With it, I am EVERYTHING. Without it? Well, heaven help us all.




However, life would still be more difficult without my little iPad buddy. It is kind of becoming an addiction. It is SOOOO easy to work with and look up kids' progress so quickly! What a great device! Everyone needs one.

 Happy Monday fellow educators!

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