Word Study ... Part II

7:52 PM

What a day! I re-introduced word study based around what our third grade teachers are doing in their classrooms. I am told that the kids have to take a lot of time to relearn a method of word study because each classroom does it a little bit differently. As I posted a few weeks ago, I do really enjoy word study and you can see growth in the lower grades. Well, here are the "new" folders that the kids have. 
They each have a tic-tac-toe choice board I created, a schedule of when they meet with me for closed sorts and assessments, paper to use and my new favorite idea ....

 PAGE PROTECTORS to hold their words! I was trying one of those Pinterest ideas where a teacher had duct taped the bottom of ziplocs and punched holes into them for kids to keep up with those pesky pieces. I do not want to take that amount of time on a plastic bag ... Sooooo, here was my quick fix. FYI not ONE word was left on the floor today! I'm very proud! 
Here's what it looks like in action too! I even bring kids over who still aren't "getting" the patterns and help out when necessary.

 IMG_20130109_090123.jpg IMG_20130109_090148.jpg   

 Simple? Yes. Do-able .... YES!!! I am the type of teacher who chooses to work smarter, not harder:)

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