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Verbs-It's What You Do!

What kid doesn't LOVE Angry Birds? Well, once again, my team saw some stuff on pinterest. Angry Verbs! I brought in some stuffed animal angry birds that a friend of mine got from walgreens! We played with them in class to learn some good action verbs! It was the BEST introduction to action verbs I've ever taught! I printed the birds off of Google and copied them at 200% for each kid. They were to write 5 verbs on each bird before they would go to the game wall. This is the result! Pretty cool, huh?

Below those, we learned about linking verbs! This is a little difficult to remember the different linking verbs. A few years ago, (when I taught 4th grade:) some of my kids made a little rhyme to remember their linking verbs... it makes me smile, but it really is helpful.
"Is, am, are, was, were... WHAT! Those are linking verbs ... What!"
We then made paper links with each link having linking verbs written on them! Also, a GREAT visual!

My final activity was VERY interesting. I set 5 pieces of chart paper around the room with packs of markers (what is it with markers that makes kids want to write?)  They were to work as a team to get every student to write 10 verbs on their poster. After about 4 minutes, we rotated groups. They read the verbs that were already on the posters and COULD NOT repeat their verbs. This made it progressively more difficult. We rotated 4 times so that every kids got to write on each poster. We wrote over 480 verbs between the 5 posters! I was amazed!

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