Updated: Number of the DAY

2:35 PM

Do you ever ....?

Do you ever have those days where you need a good thing to happen? Well, that was me this morning at 6:55 when I noticed I had a flat tire. Perfect. So, I pumped it up and made it to school on time (WHEW!) Well, the kids are OFF-THE-WALL. I think there is a full moon coming up (I guess I should know that since we're in the middle of our study about the moon.:) So we had nominations yesterday for Teacher of the Year. And, let's be real ... we all would love to have the recognition. However, I DO NOT see myself as anything other than an eternal learner, soooooo I didn't expect anything. Well, believe it or not ... I got a nomination. Talk about a spirit lifter. However, I did not win (duh!) I am THRILLED that my team leader from last year did! Congrats, Brittany! 

Well, anyways. I was looking through some old posts of mine (from 2 years ago) and saw that my number of the day page had been hit a few times. Well, I looked at is and oh-my-word it was awful less than my best what was I thinking bad.
So, I spent a little time last night making it more applicable to common core! This is what I came up with! Feel free to steal borrow it!

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