New to Teaching?

4:15 PM

TeachersPayTeachers  - Lesson Plans,Teaching Materials and Other Teacher-Created Resources
     Can I just say that I-LOVE-TEACHERSPAYTEACHERS.COM? It's true. But let me just begin by explaining why I'm starting this way.
    My older sister has just started teaching at a classical school! I'm SOOOO excited! She was a little nervous, as most of you can identify from your first time stepping into your own classroom! She has a heart for others... more than most people do. She is the emblem of Christ and I totally admire her for that quality!
     So, back to TpT. This site has really helped me find some things (basics) for her room, subject area, management, and whatever. If you've been here before, you know what I'm talking about. However, if you've never been there, this is my shameless plug to go check it out (Maybe the site should pay me for this little commercial :)
     I'm looking forward to the summer for the mere fact that I'm going to be starting my own "Store." I've been talking to my team at school about starting a store. I mean, really. Why not? With all of this common core, it makes more sense to collaborate and make QUALITY assessments, projects, reports, practice pages, workstations, goals, etc. together instead of "reinventing the wheel."
      So, this is just a heads up .... you may be seeing some amazing stuff to help with common core in the near future, so keep an eye out for them!

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