Junior Achievement

4:01 PM

Are you looking for a great social studies day that teaches about communities, leaders in communities, barter/trade, money system, currency, government jobs, laws, bills, mass/unit production, etc.? Let me just say, Junior Achievement is the way to go.
Have I mentioned how great my team mates are? Well, Melissa introduced me to Junior achievement last year. It's pretty intense. People of the community come in for a whole day and teach (with hands-on activities) about life outside of the school walls. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this! The only thing you need, is a wall for them to tape up posters, one dry erase marker to write with, and decent classroom management in place. Other than that, you're good for a day of learning that the kids will never forget! Here are just a few pictures of our learning.

For more information go to: www.ja.org

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