Data Notebooks ... Who knew?!

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The Year of the Notebook

No, really. Our school is totally taking over the kids with data binders and GOALS! I'm rather impressed to be honest. I've always felt like I needed to work longer and harder because I wasn't doing enough because the kids weren't SOARING! 
(Insert annoying buzzer sound here) W-R-O-N-G!!!! 
Let me preface -- I was home schooled K-12. Yep, that's right. Let me answer that burning question you have ... Yes, I had/have friends. 
Now, I was taught that to be able to do well on something I (not my mom, friends, etc) had to step up and take ownership. Duh! 
Well, when a kid does poorly, let's just be real ... the teachers are the first ones blamed. Well, our principal began this idea that kids should take responsibility for their learning! So, now we set goals! We keep up with our growth from these goals in DATA NOTEBOOKS! 
If you know anything about these notebooks, you know that EVERY one is different. Well, not at our school. My WHOLE team (and there are 8 teachers and 7 2nd grade classrooms) decided what we would put in. Here is one of them!
I made the covers on Word and then printed them on left over bordered paper I got from Deal$. Cheap and thin... but it really classed up the covers! The girls got these and the boys had stars on theirs!

Well, this is the Reading section in the Notebook. The page on the left is the list of 220 sight words that the kids SHOULD know before leaving 1st grade. The page on the right is a sticker chart. When a kid can read all of the sight words on a certain list, they get a stick (their choice) to add. If you're as skeptical as I was... here is my testimonial. August I had 21 students and NOT ONE knew all of their sight words. I worked until October trying to get them to learn them to no avail. Started goals and these Notebooks in October. By Thanksgiving 18 out of 21 students had learned ALL of their sight words! Another one completed the list by the 2nd week in December! I am working on the final 2 students still, but it's amazing how this worked!

This graph is for the Running Records. When we meet, we read, they mark their score and then make another goal. This child is already PAST the end of year goal so she set a higher one for herself!

These sheets show the progress she is making on AR. This child wants to be on a 4th grade reading level by the end of the year. Right now, she is about 6months off. I'm pretty proud of her! She has already grown a WHOLE year in reading! Woo hoo!

IMG_20130110_152214.jpg  IMG_20130110_152219.jpg
We are placing their reading samples (which I assume is published pieces:) in the next tab of the notebook. We put our persuasive turkey writing and personal snow globe day narrative in page protectors. They LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

Moving into the next tab, we enter into Math! This sheet I made to assess money identification. It was VERY eye-opening. It helped with ability grouping.

This first picture on the left is the MANY progress monitoring tests that my kids take weekly.  They only get 2minutes to complete them. I grade them during my lunch period weekly and then return it to them with their score. They then graph it on the graph you see in the picture on the right!

IMG_20130110_152305.jpg  IMG_20130110_152316.jpg
Finally we have the Testing Tab. This is where we put the SAT 10 scores and our DEA scores! It give some great information in COLOR so the kids know what they need to work on by seeing the colors!

I hope this helps with getting an idea of what a data notebook looks like and how it's used in my classroom!

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