Computation Stategies

8:19 PM

Well, we're back to school. Yes, there's a little chaos, but I think my kids were getting bored over the break. However, my 21 little cuties are a welcome sight. After about 3 weeks off, I was honestly getting bored. I know ... that sounds ridiculous!!!

Okay, so onto math! My kids are amazing! We totally got place value and time after trying intervention and acceleration groups! I mean, they rock! Every teacher's dream! And then ... And then there's computation. Wow ... my kids, bless them! I have 2 where they should be, 4 almost there, and then the other 15 ... well, let's just say ... Bless them. Bless me! So, we created this great strategies anchor chart. I thought I would share it with my blogging community! I found it on pinterest (because  I apparently don't think anymore for myself! haha). Feel free to use this. It actually has really started helping my kids with their math progress monitoring. 

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