Assessments - For Everyone

7:30 AM

Show What You Know! Assess!

So, we've been working on finding the meaning of unfamiliar words by their context clues. However, I had NO clue how to assess it. Then some of my friends at school told me to try creating assessments for each child's level. However, I was then told that I can't change the assessment because they have to be "common." Honestly, I don't agree with that method because all of our kids don't have common expereinces or capabilities! However, that is a soapbox thought. Moving on. 

Instead  of adjusting the assessment, I adjusted the text! Genius ... I know! So, each kid got a text based on their level reading and the same assessment. This also kept kids from trying to cheat! (Yes, I have about 4 who try to cheat consistently. Sad :( I know) This is what it looked like at each desk. I must say, I was very proud of the outcome! They did a GREAT job!

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