5 for 5 and Anchor Charts!

6:50 PM


#1. All of the RANDOM anchor charts in my room.

I'm just dropping these on here because I just couldn't help but share! Note, that these are from closer to the beginning of the year. And since I prefer to look forward and not backwards, I am not going to go into detail about these. Use the ideas if you can!

                                          Mapping Skills (Barefoot Island ... Not my original idea)

              Comparing and Contrasting Pilgrims and Native Americans from a non-fiction text research!

#2. I am going to finish reading The Heroes of Olympus - The Son of Neptune this weekend and I can't wait!

#3. I'm going to be dreaming about my house and paint chip searching. This is what it looks like. Cute, huh? Woo Hoo!!!

#4. I am going to try a few things from pinterest this weekend. You know you want to ... It's like hoarding for non-hoarders. LOVE/hate it all at once!

#5 Finally, I am going to be enjoying some RandR. I know this is the first week back, and no I'm not exhausted. However, I am worried that I will be soon, so I'm going to rest as much as possible when the weekend rolls around.

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