Wonderful Wizard of Words

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Wonderful Wizard of Words

I love word work! I'm not sure if it is any better than what we did as kids with rote memorization, but it's still fun. I try to keep it novel to the kids, so I change some of the activities every other month or so. This kids also have their nightly work. Okay, so here are some of the tasks the kids can do at their word work stations!
  • Task Cards - These are not the typical "write the words on paper with marker, pencils, crayons, etc." These have a more creative flare! 
    • Shaving Cream (a favorite) - kids squirt 3 "quarters" on their desk and spread it out. They then write all of their words. If they finish early, they start to quiz each other by saying a word and checking their buddy's spelling.
    • Ransom Note - There are magazines that the kids cut letters out of, and then glue onto  paper. This can be turned in for accountability and checking. 
    • Word Search - There are blank grids that I use as word searches. The kids write all of their words into the blank squares. When they finish, they fill in the other boxes with other letters. They put their name on it, and the paper goes into a page protector. These pages and protectors are put into a notebook that kids at Word Work can then use dry erase markers on. They basically are creating another way to practice their words!
    • Word Detective - the kiddos write all of their words really tiny (but still legible) all over a plain white piece of paper. Then they draw a picture around the words to "hide" them. These are put into a notebook with a paper protector. More kids come to the station and use a magnifying glass to find all of the words, and then circle them with dry-erase markers!
  • Homework - This is where the kids can take time on their homework with their words. These are the typical writing assignments you would see with word study.
    • Rainbow words - they write each word in one color, and then they write on top of each word with another color. They do this 3 times.
    • Pyramid - This one is easier to show with a picture.  ---------------->
    • Blind Sort - a friend reads each word and the kid tries to write it correctly.
    • Silly Sentences - The kids write sentences until they use all of their words for the week!
If you want some really good word work cards, you can go to "Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons." She has some REALLY adorable cards that you can print! Highly recommended. 


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