Whew ... 5 months in ... and I'm Finally Writing!

6:48 PM

Okay, so I am the SLACKER teacher when it comes to blogging. 

I really admire how so many teachers seem to be able to balance the life of  teaching and then HELP others by blogging about what they are doing. I'm trying to REstart this blog again... so here's hoping:) 

Since today was my last planning day before the new year, I must say that I am THRILLED! I'm going to hopefully go through what we have been doing for the past 5 months in room 312! But don't worry. I'm not going to overload you in one post. My goal (since that is what our school has adopted this year) is to just post a little bit a few days a week! 

So, here goes. 

First off, I must tell you that what I'm going to be writing about are NOT only my ideas, but the ideas of 7 (yes, we have a larger team) of BRILLIANTLY amazing women who love what they do and their kids!

We as a team have very high standards about behavior. The theory to me is that if a kid has structure, they can know what is expected at all times. There are probably about 60 kids on this bus, and NOT ONE 
would talk or make a sound because we had a plan in place. Here are 3 of my management charts.   
The clip system - Kids move their clips up and down depending on behavior. Green or higher is the ideal. Yellow means 5 minutes sitting out of recess, orange is 10 minutes off, and then red means NO recess. There are other consequences depending on severity of behavior, but you know that is usually by the teacher's judgement. 

The tickets are what I use when to reinforce good behavior, kindness, and generally good things! The kids can cash them in on Fridays to shop at my classroom store (thanks Beth Newingham). This store helps with counting, saving/spending, management of students, adding and subtracting, etc. It is one of my students' favorite things!

Ticket System

Table Points
The last chart is my table teams. At the end of the day, the table that has worked well together, turned in work properly and neatly, kept on task, etc. receives a piece of candy or 3 tickets to save for the store. Usually the kids save the tickets! This also helps my kiddos who are often off-task by giving them accountability with their team, and trust me ... this year, we've needed this!

Until Next Time! 

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