Persuasive Turkey Writing

10:25 AM

Writing to Persuade

This is a difficult task for kids who try to persuade by saying "just because." We decided to write letters/stories to people who celebrated Thanksgiving. The twist is that the kids wrote from the perspective of a turkey!  Some of them were quite hilarious! I think they "got it." Here are a few of the kids' writings!


I really liked adding the turkey head, feathers, and legs to the papers. In my room, we brainstorm on Monday, draft on Tuesday, Edit/Revise on Wednesday, and Publish on Thursday. IF the kids do all of this on time, Friday they get to do the project for their writing. Those who don't finish (usually my off-task kids) have to finish publishing on Friday. Thanks Ms. Riding for giving me that trick. It has worked like a charm!

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  1. super cute! would you have a template of the turkey on hand to share?

  2. Hey Shan. No I don't have the original, but I did create a similar one that I'm selling $1 on TpT:) You can snag it there! Thanks for the comment!