Word Study/Spelling

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Over the past several years, I have been working on perfecting (ha) word study within my classroom. The problem I always come across is a lack of time TO COMPLETE the requirements.

Here is what I have gained from several teachers... I DO NOT take any credit for this.

Mrs. Bozeman has a schedule based on a 7day rotation! You stagger the groups so you don't have to meet with each group everyday!

Here is the schedule I use (and descriptions)!

Day 1 - Closed Sort --> I have a set of EVERY sort that has been laminated, labeled, and turned into magnets. I have mini magnetic whiteboards. I have the kids WRITE the headings at the top and then pass out the words. They are to sort them individually (it is only a few words). The students then pair up and cambine their words and check for accuracy. After this is done, they complete the sort as a WHOLE team! We discuss difficult words, etc. I then give them their sort page (THEY DO NOT CUT THE WORDS, BUT RATHER WRITE THEM INTO THEIR WORD STUDY NOTEBOOK AND "CHECK" THEM OFF ON THE PAGE.) The pages are returned to the Word Study bin when they finish.

Day 2 - SAW - The kids take their previous written sort and write each column in alphabetical order. I find that this is better than having little word pieces flying everywhere.

Day 3 - Silly Sentences - The kids work independently or in their team to write silly sentences using their words! These can get VERY creative and funny. Usually, I turn this into a "Big Book" reading by having the kids write the best sentences on chart paper.

Day 4 - Speed Sort - Kids take their page of words and QUICKLY scribble their team color on the back (this way the words can be returned to the correct team if they are dropped on the ground.) They cut out their words. They get a partner from their team. They then RACE to see who can sort their words first. Then they compare. If all of the words are in the correct pattern, the students repeat play. However, if there is a contrast in sort, the kids are to refer to their Word Study notebook. They play 3 times.

Day 5 - Blind Sort - Kids take their words and their Word Study notebook to a table, carpet, or chair. Each kid writes their headings into their Word Study notebook. They take turns drawing from the word pile (all words should be face down) and reading the word aloud.  The other playdr WRITES the word into he notebook. Then the kids trade roles. They continue this until all of the words have been read and sorted.

Day 6 - Word Hunt - The kids take books and search for words with the same word patterns of their list. As they find words, they record them under the headings. The kids are to find at least 15 words!

Day 7 - Assessment - The kids glue down their words into the Word Study Notebook. I then bring the students to the reading table to quiz them. I DO NOT GIVE THE HEADINGS OR THE WORDS FOR THE TEST. I do give words that use the word patterns. These tests are on sheets of paper rather than inth notebooks.

I hope this is helpful!


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