Stickers Are Not Just For Kids!

5:02 PM

Woo hoo... I love stickers. I use them CONSTANTLY!

I have 4 reading levels in my room. They are differenciated by colors. I then use the same color stickers to make each workstation appropriate for the kids... If their color sticker is on the work, they may complete it! If not, they need to find a task that DOES have their sticker color!

 Stickers help the kids to VISUALLY identify their notebooks:)

Stickers are great for the kids to know which buttons to push during their Listening Work Station!

When I set up the workstations, I can see the groups and thus not ACCIDENTALLY miss meeting with them! This helps a lot with the organization of my reading block!

We decided as a grade level that we would be bucket fillers! We tried using an actual bucket and putting little pompoms in it, but for the kids to reach, the bucket had to be low. I'm clumsy. So, we went to this alternative! No more mess!

Sorry about the pictures... they just WOULD NOT cooperate tonight. Once again, this is my notecard assessment when I do guided reading! Each card flips up! It makes life SOOOO much easier when I have the kids for such a limited amount of time:)


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