A Star and a Wish

12:20 PM

In my guided reading, as I listen to each child read, I make notes into my folder. I ALWAYS write one "Star" (improvement, or quality of reading) and one "Wish (an improvement I would like the child to work on. Befor we begin reading, we discuss what my precious "Wishes" were. Most of my kids remember and can tell me. However, for those few little sweeties who just don't pay close enough attention to remember, I tell them again. This gives each kid a specific goal in their reading! A good "Wish" system to follow is the CAFE method.

In January, I will be adding a writing area in  their reading notebooks where they write about their own reading-What they feel like they do well, where they need more work, what they like about reading, etc.

This is a Debbie Diller strategy, and it works WONDERFULLY!

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