One of those Days...

9:24 PM

So, I pride myself on being a positive person... But you know those days that happen... the ones where you look up and say a prayer to the LORD that he will be your duct tape and hold you together?
That was me today... Feel free to giggle ... I do:)

I started my day with 2 (yes, two) flat tires ... HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?

I have a little girl who then comes crying to me at  7:52 (8 minutes until class actually begins) telling me that she misses her mom. Nothing had happened to her mom, she just missed her.

I then had a kid come to me, complain of a stomach ache and proceed to SPRINT to the nearest trashcan and loose his little cookies.

A little kid who come to my class for reading decided that rearranging my classroom library would "help" it look neater. He proceeded to put the books into an order that I am still trying to decifer:)

My team plans together every Monday for the following week ... crazy, yes. However, it is AWESOME! Howver, I had forgotten to type up my part (shame on me.) Blessingly, God took care of that. Thanks Claire!

My team came to my room today. They are welcome! However, that adds a little stress to making sure it is ready.

I forgot my lunch.

2 Fevers, pinched arm (until it was bleeding), spilled soda, ruined paperwork, and random parent meeting later... I was ready for Math (yes, that begins at 1:00)... please feel free to sigh, laugh or just nod and smile:)

Let's just say, today was a "different" day .... tomorrow will be better:) (Kevin Henkes-Lily's Purple Plastic Purse.)

Thanks for letting me vent.

Have a great night!

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