Accelerated Reader

5:45 PM

I am ALL about AR in the classroom. It is a GREAT help towards comprehension (at a low level, granted) for each student. If you don't know what AR is, let me put it simply.
It is an online program where kids read books and take quizzes. The genius behind it is that kids take an initial test to see what level they are on (range from prekindergarten to end of highschool!) Then they get books that match their level. It is GREAT!
I decided to make a chart for the kids to look at when they needed to know their level. However, I kept seeing kids come back from the library with books WAY above their reading level ... how did I know? The color stickers that are on the books match the AR levels.
I also decided to put the AR color sticker on the back of our kids IDs! It helps the librarians to keep my kids accountable for the books that they check out.
This is what my chart looks like. I change it out every 9weeks (report card time) when the kids REtest!

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