Work Station Rotation

6:17 PM

I've been asked over and over how I get all of my kids to complete requirements during our reading block. My school has decided to complete reading, language, writing, and word study in a 3hour block of time. It is difficult, and "life happens" sometimes, but generally it works well.
I use and implement about 10 different workstations that the kids rotate through withing 2weeks. We chose to practice each one for a about 3 days and then I release them into their station.
Here is my rotation.
I have a 4 rotations between 9:45-11:00. I meet with my all 4 of my small groups during this time. Kids rotate when I finish with the reading group (or after 20minutes). It has worked BEAUTIFULLY!
Here is a picture of the chart my kids use!

The Stations are:
  • Magazines (Language)
  • AR (Accelerated Reader), DIR (Daily Individual Reading), Library (Reading)
  • Pocket Chart (Word Study)
  • Listening (Context Clues; Author's Purpose; Character, Setting, Plot; Inferring; Main Idea and Details)
  • Vocabulary (Review Games; Practice; Go-Charts)
  • Word Study
  • Buddy Reading (Sequencing; Comprehension; Fluency)
  • Writing/Language
  • Small Group with Me!
  • Computer (We have the Headsprout Reading Program... If you can get it, DO!)

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