Classroom Management

7:08 PM

We use 4 different behavior "encouragers" in our classroom.

  1. Ticket System - Each kid has the opportunity to earn/loose tickets throughout the week! The tickets are redeemed in my "store" every Friday. The kids are REALLY into saving their tickets!
  2. Clip System - Each kid has a clip with their assigned number on it. I have a strip of vinyl that was painted like a rainbow. This helps in art to learn the color wheel. As the kids behavior changes, so does the clip locations. They start every morning on green. They move up (Blue, Indigo, Violet) and earn tickets, they move down (Yellow, Oragne, Red) and have bad consequences. This is a GREAT visual for the kids.
  3. Table Points - My room is in clusters of 3-4. Each group has a color (to encourage the color wheel.) As the team works well, completes work, etc. they earn points. The team with the most points earn a ticket at the end of the day!
  4. Job System - I have enough classroom/dining room jobs for each student. Each kid gets to complete each job at least once within a year. We chose what jobs we wanted in our classroom as a group! We also discussed working well, and the payroll! Each job is from 1-5 tickets DAILY! At the end of the week, the kids skip count their payment. If they do not do their work well, they loose payment. If they are just not doing ANYTHING well, I send them on VACATION - no payment at all.

I hope this helps! Enjoy!

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