Welcome to 2nd Grade...

7:31 PM

What have I gotten myself into? Sheer fun! With all of the new methods, my principal sent us to 3 amazing trainings!

***Debbie Diller - Small Groups
***Headsprout - Reading Program
***Kagan Cooperative Learning - It's All About Engagement!

WONDERFUL. If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of these, DO IT!

Alright, let me give you my new plans in the classroom. We started the first week doing team building activities from the Kagan text book. My favorite activity was Animal Hunt. Each kid recieves a picture of an animal. There are pairs of each. The kids are to make the animals' noise to find their partner! The first round was difficult because of a language barrier. However, after we tried a few times, the kids seemed like pals! These were then what we called "shoulder partners" (Kagan)

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